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North Cyprus government scholarship for international students

Discussion in 'Cyprus Scholarship Opportunities Chats' started by Chimsa Baba, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Chimsa Baba

    Chimsa Baba Contributing ChatMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    The government of North Cyprus seeks to improve the diversity of the country by offering scholarships to international students who apply for studies through their country of residence Turkey embassies. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of National Education and Sports, therefore awards scholarships based on students’ academic performance in their previous institution of education.

    Students who are currently studying in North Cyprus or are accepted to study either an undergraduate or graduate program may apply for the scholarship. Applications for the TRNC scholarships are accepted at the beginning of each semester that is; in September and February.

    The TRNC provides both full and partial scholarships to international students who are qualified based on their application. Full scholarships cover the tuition fee, dormitory fee, a monthly allowance of $200 and stationary Aid which is 120 Turkish Lira per semester.

    Students offered a partial scholarship are given an allowance of $200 every month and stationary aid worth 120 Turkish Lira per semester.

    The documents to be submitted for the scholarship application are:

    · Application Form (filled and signed)

    · 2 photographs

    · Copy of the passport

    · For undergraduate students – Student certificate

    · For Graduate students – Photocopies of degrees or diplomas already obtained together with an officially certified translation of those diplomas or degrees which are not in Turkish or in English

    · Transcripts of academic records

    The Application forms can be obtained from the universities. For more information, visit your country’s Turkey embassy on how to apply for these scholarships.
  2. I applied for the scholarship. Applications ran from 14th August through 31st August. When should I expect the outcome?

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