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Discussion in 'General - Cyprus Students Chats' started by Aseda, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Aseda

    Aseda Active ChatMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    For most international students intending to study abroad, finding the best destination and schools is another decision to make. This decision may affect you positively or negatively. Studying abroad in Cyprus is one of the best decisions because of the benefits available to students.

    In this write-up, I have listed some universities that when would help you to cut down on your cost of studying in Cyprus. Universities in Cyprus offer cheap tuition fees to international students. Aside this, accommodation and living expenses are also low. Let’s have a look at some of these universities in Cyprus that offer cheap fees to international students.

    Cheap universities in Cyprus for International students
    · European University of Lefke

    · Eastern Mediterranean University(EMU)

    · University of Cyprus

    · University of Nicosia

    · Open University of Cyprus

    · Neapolis University

    · Cyprus university of Technology

    · Cyprus International University

    · Near East University(NEU)

    · University of Kyrenia

    · Girne American University

    · Cyprus International Institute of Management

    · European University of Cyprus

    Admission criteria of these various universities vary, depending on specific educational backgrounds. They also offer scholarship to students who are in need of help. An international student studying abroad in Cyprus pays below 3500 Euros per year. Yeah, I said per year. It is cheap right? Other reasons to choose from these cheap universities in Cyprus include;


    1. No test scores for application: Unlike other universities who request for test scores such as TOEFL, SAT and IELTS before your admission, Cyprus Universities do not request for such test scores. You are allowed to enrol in a foundation year programme, if as an international student, your first language is not English. You are therefore, saved from the stress of getting a test score and the fees that come with it.

    2. Diversity in culture: The people of Cyprus have diverse cultures for you to learn from. Their hospitable nature makes the place a welcomed destination for different people from different backgrounds. You will have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and make friends as well.

    3. Security and safety: There are less crimes in Northern Cyprus and this makes the place a safe haven for international students who travel there. With a low population as compared to other destinations for international students, their security system is impeccable and this makes it a no go area for criminals to operate. Hence, your items are also safe.

    Cost of living in these universities are also very affordable, ranging from 300-600 Euros per month. This covers expenses on food, books and accommodation. Studying in these universities in Cyprus is exciting. Contact cyprusuni.com for all your application needs.
  2. Manny Obeng

    Manny Obeng Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    The availability of scholarships in the universities of North Cyprus makes this point so solid! With a large number of International students on the various scholarship opportunities and discounted fees. Kudos to these universities!
  3. Didi

    Didi Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    Studying in Cyprus shouldn't be a problem at all. That's a long list of cheap universities on the Island. And did I see clearly that some of the universities do not require IELTS and the like??????? Yeeees I did. This is awesome:cool::)
  4. Chimsa Baba

    Chimsa Baba Contributing ChatMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    Wow. This is unbelievable. No program requires test scores? Will definitely check this out.
  5. Manny Obeng

    Manny Obeng Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    You really should! infact while you are at it, check www.cyprusuni.com and you could win yourself a scholarship while at it!

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