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Discussion in 'General - Cyprus Students Chats' started by Adjei Journey, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Adjei Journey

    Adjei Journey Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    How many people do you know who have studied in London? United States of America? China? Okay then ask yourself how many people do you know who have studied in Cyprus. My guess, probably none. Not of people or even international students view Cyprus positively. This is understandable since not everyone will like all countries.

    Some students are of the view that studying in UK is much better than in Cyprus and because UK has similar legal system to Cyprus. Other students doesn’t see any reasons for studying in Cyprus unless it is to save expenses, but even that is not a good reason since Cyprus is not really that cheap. Also in terms of progressing academically, one will prefer to study abroad.

    It All Really Depends On You

    Whether a country is good or bad for studying all depends on the student. If you try to look at the overall picture such as accommodation, food, transport, etc. you could see that there is a great vast difference now as it was years ago. International students in general are not disadvantaged in anyway.

    What Used To Be A Disadvantage Then Is No More!!

    What used to disadvantages for studying in Cyprus have now been curtailed. Many universities in Cyprus now have an international standard and taste. Even if a Cypriot studies in Cyprus, they will experience the same type of diversity with those studying abroad. There are international students, international faculties and they are all on the same level.

    Disadvantages in Studying In Cyprus?

    I guess the answer to this would be “why don’t you try them and find out”. Studying in Cyprus is one of the best experience you can ever have. The price of living in Cyprus is incredibly reasonable. The universities are the one of the best you could ever find. There are more opportunities to find there.

    I recommend CyprusUni to you if you are planning on applying for a scholarship to study in North Cyprus. They are one of the best you could ever find educational consultancy that helps you in each step of the way to get to the school premises.

    They help you get the scholarship (50% assured if you apply through them to EMU & CIU), wait for your arrival at the airport and help you get settled in your dormitory. Find out more!!

    Was this information helpful? Let me know in the comment box below!! Thanks!!
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  2. Didi

    Didi Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    I agree. What one student likes about Cyprus may not be what another likes. So really, you can read all the great things about Cyprus but its how you feel towards it that counts. Because in actual fact, you will be living the life in Cyprus so its your thought about it that matters.

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