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Deep Thought How to tell you are Burned Out

Discussion in 'Career & Employment' started by Didi, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Didi

    Didi Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    At the end of each day, do you feel mentally, physically and emotionally drained? Do you feel ineffective and detached from others and yourself? Do you feel a sense of doom and despair all around you? It could be normal to have these feelings sometimes depending on what happened during the day. If it becomes an everyday affair no matter how good or bad your day went, it calls for concern.

    Burn out is one of the roadblocks in mind that every individual needs to look out for. If the questions asked above are a characteristic of your everyday life, you might be burned out. How to tell for sure? Go through these tell-tale signs below.

    Signs of a Burn Out

    · Chronic Fatigue

    · Insomnia

    · Forgetfulness

    · Anxiety

    · Pessimism

    · Increased Illness

    · Lack of concentration

    · Depression

    · Feeling of Apathy and Hopelessness

    · Detachment

    · Anger

    · Lack of productivity and performance

    · Loss of enjoyment

    · Loss of Appetite

    · Isolation

    If you are not feeling these emotions or displaying these signs you are safe but if you are don’t panic or go to the doctor yet. Except you feel any of the conditions above which are medically related. There’s a simple remedy to being burned out though and it is in just one word. ATTITUDE!

    Science has found that what we tell our minds mostly is what we get. When we tell our minds to remain gloomy all day, that’s exactly what our moods reflect. When we tell our minds to keep being in fear of a particular situation, anytime we find ourselves in that situation, fear manifests. When we tell our minds we are happy and powerful, that also what manifests in our feelings.

    A negative and hopeless mind causes stress hormones to fell and systems and pull us down in all angles. Such a mind causes us to experience elevated heart rates and increased blood pressure levels which in turn causes us to have medical, emotional and psychological issues.

    What to start doing today is that henceforth, if any of the signs mentioned above start to creep up in your head, fight it your mind. Tell your mind, NO, NO NO and that’s the beginning to fighting them. Will your mind to feel the opposite of any of the signs above and your burn out is on the way to being cured.

    If you can’t do it alone, turn to inspirational books by men of God, successful people or to your friends and family for support. A book to start reading now: Rising Strong by Rene Brown

    Start telling your mind NO to burn out and you are safe. Keep this attitude and start to enjoy your life again.
    Chimsa Baba and Adjei Journey like this.
  2. Faustinus

    Faustinus Addicted ChatMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    Interesting thread you've created but please what seems to be the root cause of burnout?
    Didi likes this.
  3. Adjei Journey

    Adjei Journey Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    Wow...this is really informative. I had this experience and it was not an eye thing to see. Thanks for the tips!!
    Didi likes this.
  4. Chimsa Baba

    Chimsa Baba Contributing ChatMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    This is a very informative. Its good to think positive during the day. it doesnt stop the burn out though. The suggestions presented here are good.
    Didi likes this.
  5. Didi

    Didi Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    The root cause of burn out seems to be prolonged stress because it happens when an individual is overwhelmed by especially negative feelings which results in the individual becoming physically, emotionally and mentally drained/exhausted.
  6. Didi

    Didi Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    You are most welcome. Thanks for reading and remember to stay positive.
  7. Didi

    Didi Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    You are welcome. Thanks too. Positive thinking is really one of the keys to being happy

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