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Be another International student in EMU, Cyprus with a scholarship!

Discussion in 'Admission and Scholarship Chats' started by Manny Obeng, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Manny Obeng

    Manny Obeng Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    The Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus has constantly been giving scholarships to international students from the world over. It takes sheer dedication from the University to choose the deserving ones out of the many that apply. Not to say that those who are granted as much, actually a large percentage of international students enjoy all types of scholarships from the university.

    EMU grants an all-inclusive full scholarship to a few number of students, the best of the best actually. This scholarship covers expenses from tuition fees for a regular academic duration, great accommodation in a double room, and three meals a day. You now see why this scholarship is very this competitive?

    The University also gives out gives out full tuition waivers to a higher number of students than it does to the all- inclusive scholarship. You could probably be the next EMU international student with these scholarships.

    I just need three people to ask me how in the comments!
    Faustinus likes this.
  2. Faustinus

    Faustinus Addicted ChatMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    Ok Many, I would like to be the first to ask. Please tell me how.
  3. Max Trevelyan

    Max Trevelyan Leading ChatmMate Moderator Watchout - Actively Moderating Privileged

    What do I have to do to get the full scholarship?
  4. What are the procedures to be followed in other to reap those opportunities.
  5. Onanuga

    Onanuga Guest

    I will also like to know the procedure

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